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Our team are highly proficient in delving deep into the underlying code in Sugar and making any changes customers require. By using the Studio tools with Sugar, we can aid you in removing, renaming and adding fields. While the Studio tool can be used by you to customise the application, we offer a business analysis service as standard to scope out and implement these changes to ensure you get the most for your users and from your management reports.


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We’ve got you covered

We have been helping businesses implement Sugar since 2001. Our team of highly skilled professionals ensure a delivery of IT services structured to meet your business strategy needs.
Our highly skilled team of developers are here to provide you with their accumulated expertise in network configuration, design and installation to integrate with all your existing business processes and infrastructure.

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    Our hosted solutions include this high level of support as standard at no additional cost and we are more than happy to quote for providing technical and/or end user support to companies or individuals running Sugar on their own servers.

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    We’ve been working with Sugar for a long time, and implemented hundreds of Sugar solutions for business across Europe. Our knowledge of the system is second to none and at Provident CRM our knowledge is your strength when it comes to support.

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    We believe in Sugar and use it as a key tool in all areas of our business. Our support desk, which operates through Sugar, offers a fully automated case logging system, meaning that we will always have your most up to date issues on hand from when we arrive to when we leave our office. You’ll also receive records of when you logged the case, as well as the case number, to ensure that we know exactly which issue we are talking to you about.

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    We are here during standard UK office hours to answer all your support queries. You can submit your ticket through our support portal.

    If you have bought SugarCRM direct and, need a support service closer to your operating hours, we can help. Send us a message on our contact form below or call us direct and we discuss further.

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